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Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy | Aussteller auf der Anuga 2017

Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy

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Fredman Professional Kitchen Oy
Vänrikinkuja 3
FI-02600 Espoo
Postfach 2
FI-02600 Espoo
+358 2 8387271
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FREDMAN PRO - mobile HACCP and kitchen management system

Fredman Pro is a kitchen management and automated HACCP system for professional kitchens, developed in Finland. Device independent and scalable, it's the perfect choice for managing professional kitchens of any size.

The benefits of Fredman Pro in a nutshell
· Less manual work.
· Time is saved by storing measurement data automatically in a cloud-based service.
· No more HACCP documents and folders cluttering the kitchen.
· Motivated staff with more time to do what they're passionate about.

Leave paper behind - get the Fredman Pro mobile application!

You can use Fredman Pro with a mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. Test users, including the seasoned kitchen professionals at Restel, have praised the app for its ease of use and for no longer having to record HACCP results manually.

Lead your kitchen with knowledge

· Use data to manage and develop your kitchen.
· Create HACCP plans and reports.
· Use cloud storage to store hygiene passports and other documents.
· Easily print reports for your customers and the authorities.
· Save money with the risk alert system.
· Monitor profitability by integrating Fredman Pro into your food production system.
· Use the results to reduce waste.
· Transform HACCP from a necessary evil into a function that focuses on improving the taste, safety and quality of the meals you offer.

Do it smarter!

· Kitchen processes become more effective.
· Users are notified of timed tasks.
· Crisis situations caused by equipment breakdown are avoided thanks to preventive maintenance.

Digitalise your HACCP plan
· Organise your manuals and documents.
· Get rid of folders, notes and piles of paper.
· Combine instructions, tools and results.
· Manage guidelines and plans in a centralised fashion.
· Watch how your kitchen is monitored in real time.
· Automate, digitalise, save time and money.
· Ensure and prove your quality standards.