Köln: 07.–11.10.2023 #anuga

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High Protein Nut bars | Aussteller auf der Anuga 2021

High Protein Nut bars

von Jannis S.A.
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Owl about healthy snacking!
- High Protein
- High Fiber
- 0% added sugar
- No sweeteners
- No preservatives
- Low salt
- Suitable for Vegans
- Lactose free
- Dairy free
- = 25% Protein
- > 20% Fiber
- Non GMO
- Palm Oil free
Our protein bars were created by completely removing sugar and replacing it with fiber, without the use of sweeteners. The fiber we selected is the actual extract of chicory root. This established prebiotic provides superior benefits, based on numerous reports from reliable scientists. Products are really rich in protein and fibers, containing over 20% of each. Salt content is very low and no preservatives have been added to any of the products. They are suitable for use by Vegans, lactose & dairy free, super healthy and last but not least… incredibly tasty!
Available in the following variations:
- Roasted Nuts 3x28g
- Apricot 3x28g
- Banana 3x28g
- Strawberry & Raspberry 3x28g

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