Köln: 04.–08.10.2025 #anuga

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Sauteed Mixed Mushroom with Porcini | Aussteller auf der Anuga 2023

Sauteed Mixed Mushroom with Porcini

Surmont SPA, owned by the third generation of the Sartor family, has manufactured quality Italian food products for over 60 years. Surmont, an ideal partner for retail, food industry and food service sectors customers, guarantees superior quality standards across all range of its products. Ingredients are at the highest level of quality, thanks to the careful selection applied to raw materials, mushrooms and vegetables, both for products as is, as well as for the ingredients used for the Ready meals Range. The production philosophy is truly rooted in “from scratch” cooking methods with the unique manufacturing process, that uses cryogenic freezing technology. This technology allows to replicate home-style, traditional Italian cooking on an industrial scale resulting in absolute product consistency & ideal texture; products maintain their natural aromas, traditional flavors and freshness of all seasonal produce. Ready Meals are frozen directly from the liquid state in little spheres and irregular flakes; the result is a homogeneous product which can be easily portioned and allows fast reheating, without adding water and with no separation between solid and liquid state, duplicating a true gastronomic preparation. Moreover, with years of experience, rigorous quality control at each stage, stringent grower specifications and full traceability, Surmont guarantees superior quality standard. In conclusion, over the years Surmont has not only worked to improve its products, but also to become an innovative and avant-garde company in terms of environmental and ethical sustainability.
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